On-Demand School Service Providers

  • Overview

    Per the Student Data Transparency and Security Act (PDF), Pueblo City Schools must post information related to On-Demand Service Providers.


    Definition of On-Demand School Service Provider

    An entity, other than a Public Education Entity (Pueblo City Schools), that provides a School Service on occasion to a Public Education Entity, subject to agreement by the Public Education Entity, or an employee of the Public Education Entity, to standard, non-negotiable terms and conditions of service established by the providing entity.


    List of On-Demand Service Providers

    The link below will take you to our Digital Resources Menu that lists all our On-Demand Service Providers as well as our Contracted Service Providers. Clicking on any of the resources provides more information regarding that resource including a link to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service if applicable.


    PCS Digital Resource (July 2023 - Resource link is currently being updated.)