Immunization Requirements

  • In accordance with Colorado law, immunizations are required for all students enrolled in Pueblo School District 60.

    Students will NOT be permitted to enroll without meeting the immunization requirements.

    Under Colorado law, parents have the right to exempt their child from school immunization requirements.  Parents need to submit a signed statement of personal or religious exemption annually. A medical exemption requires a certification signed by a licensed healthcare provider and needs to only be submitted once.

    If new immunizations are required, after the student is enrolled in the District, an updated copy of the student immunization record must be provided to the student's school.

    All additional immunizations required must be provided to the District by November 1 of the current school year or the student will be excluded from school until proof is provided.

    Assistance obtaining an Immunization Record:

    If a student has received Immunizations in Colorado, parents can check the Colorado Immunization Reporting System to find out if they have an Immunization Record on file.

    If the Immunization Record is not in the State System, contact your student's doctor for the most current record.

    Vaccinations or assistance reviewing your child's record are available by contacting the student's health care provider, the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment at 719-583-4380, or Pueblo School District 60 Wellness Centers at 719-549-7286.