Safety at District 60 Facilities

  • The Pueblo School District 60 Facilities Managment Department manages school safety as it pertains to District 60 schools and facilities, and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students, staff, parents and stakeholders.



    Visitor and Staff Identification Requirements: All visitors are required to sign in and out of each school and wear visitor’s badges. All staff have been issued ID cards and instructed to stop any adult that do not display the proper identification.

    School Security Systems: To protect our schools’ assets, security systems are in place to alert the Police Department of any illegal entry after hours.

    School-Closed Circuit TV: Video Security recording devices are present and in operation 24 hours per day throughout all high and middle schools. Video security systems are assisting in apprehension of bullying and theft events, as well as serving as a deterrent.



    Fire Alarm Drills: Fire alarm drills, as well as other drills, are conducted throughout the school year. Reaction times are tracked and recommendations are provided to achieve acceptable responses.

    Emergency Plans: Site-specific emergency plans and procedures have been developed in detail for all schools. Response actions for such items as fire, tornado, utility interruption, bomb threats and threats from strangers are included within the Emergency Plan.