Which applicants are given preference in the lottery or on school choice wait lists?

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    Preference is given to a student with a selected school if:

    • the student resides within the District boundary,

    • the parent wants the student to continue at their same school they are attending (particularly for Goodnight School fifth-grade students),

    • the parent wants the student to move (or move back) to their “neighborhood school,”

    • the student has a sibling enrolled in the selected school or program,

    • the parent wants the student to remain at his current preschool school for kindergarten,

    • the parent is applying for a student to attend an IB school and lives less than 1.5 miles from that school,

    • the parent wants their child to return to a D60 school who currently attends school outside the District, 

    • the student has a sibling applying to the same or program or

    • the student resides with a parent or guardian who is a school district staff member


    If one or more of the above items pertain to a school selection for your child, the selection will receive addition preference weighting for the lottery and for wait list ranking. 

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