School Choice for incoming Kindergarteners

  • Kindergarten students at Baca Elementary

    "What school is my incoming Kindergartener supposed to attend?"

    It’s a question that many parents ask every year. The short answer: You are assigned a school based on your child’s primary home address. This school is your “neighborhood” school, and based on that home address, your child is assigned an elementary school, as well as a middle and high school.  

    Most of the time, the elementary school that your child is supposed to attend is the one closest to your home, but that’s not always the case. To find out your child’s “neighborhood” elementary school, find your child's primary address on our school boundary maps.  If you are still unsure, you can get help at (719) 253-6014 or

    Want to attend your neighborhood school?

    If you’re pleased with your neighborhood school, you don’t have to do anything extra. A place will be available for your child at that school.

    What if my child attends preschool at one school, but my ‘neighborhood school’ is a different school?

    If you like your current preschool school, but your neighborhood school is different, then you should complete and submit a School Choice application to try to reserve a seat at your child's current school. That may be frustrating, but you can rest assured that your child will be given preference to win enrollment at their current school. 

    While it’s not a 100 percent guarantee that you’ll be able to remain at child’s preschool school, the scale is tipped in your favor, especially if you submit your application during the School Choice Lottery Window.

    Want to apply for School Choice?

    If you would like to put in a School Choice application, you can get started by clicking the "Begin Online Application" link on this page.

    If you have more questions, contact the District 60 School Choice team at (719) 253-6014 or

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