School choice for incoming 6th & 9th graders

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    Most of District 60’s current fifth-graders and eighth-graders are already expected at their neighborhood middle or high school for the coming year. You do not have to complete a School Choice application if you want your student to attend that school in the coming year. 

    If you live outside the boundaries of the Pueblo School District 60, or if you would prefer a different school, you should complete and submit a School Choice application and select the D60 school or schools that you would prefer your child attend next year. 

    What is my ‘neighborhood school’?

    In 2019, boundary maps were re-drawn so it’s important for all incoming students entering the 6th or 9th grades to know what their neighborhood school is. If you’re unsure of your neighborhood school, you can find out by checking our school boundaries page

    If you have questions about your child’s neighborhood school and are thinking about trying to use the school choice process to go elsewhere, it is advised that you evaluate your child’s neighborhood middle or high school first. Take part in schools’ Parent Nights for incoming students to get to know the school better. 

    Even though you may fill out some school paperwork at a Parent Night, there is no paper version of a School Choice application. 

    If you would like to put in a School Choice application, you can get started by clicking the "Begin Online Application" link on this page.

    If you have more questions, contact the District 60 School Choice team at (719) 253-6014 or

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