How the school choice lottery works

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    It’s an unfortunate reality that not every child will win a spot at their school of choice. Many schools don't have the space in every grade to accommodate every family. 

    Let’s imagine that 50 students want to enroll into “The Greatest School in Pueblo,” but because of building size and teacher availability, only 31 spots exist at that school. The only truly fair way to determine who gets one of those 31 spots is to have a “lottery.” 

    Through school choice, many students get into a school their parents prefer with no problem at all. If there’s any room at the school in which you applied, you’ll get in. It only gets complicated if there are more applicants than there are open spots. That’s where the “lottery” comes in.

    Every year, in mid-January, District 60 begins a School Choice Lottery Window, a four-week period which gives parents their best chance to enroll their children in a school they prefer starting in the following school year. At the end of that period, the applications received are prepared for the lottery. 

    To foster educational continuity and convenience for families, preference is given to some choices on some applications, but these are assigned in an impartial way. 

    Some examples of individuals that get preference over others include:

    • Individuals that reside within the District 60 boundaries (This is Colorado law.)
    • Students returning to their neighborhood school after attending elsewhere
    • Children living near IB Magnet schools who want to attend there (less than 1.5 miles from that school)
    • Students with a sibling already expected at the selected school
    • Find a complete list here


    The lottery is not 'first-come, first-served'

    It’s important to note that the lottery is not “first-come, first-served.” Whether you filled out your application on the first day of the School Choice lottery period or the final day, there is no difference in the chances of winning a seat in a preferred school.  Students whose preference weights are the same are ranked using a system-generated random number.

    At the end of the lottery process, you will be notified if your child has won a spot at your chosen school, or if he or she will be added to a wait list for each school selected.  Please be sure to monitor your email at the address you provided in your application during the first week of March to learn the results.

    If you have more questions about the lottery process, contact the District 60 School Choice team at (719) 253-6014 or via email at

    If you would like to put in a School Choice application, you can get started by clicking the "Begin School Choice Application" link near the top of this page.

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