Preschool teaching

  • Pre-K students in D60

    Our teachers use a Plan, Do and Review learning model that focuses on “hands-on” activities, problem solving, and language development. The curriculum uses research-based teaching approaches grounded in best practices for young children in the areas of language and early literacy development. Children are encouraged to think, predict, and question as they explore physical surroundings especially designed for the young child.

    With our program your child will learn in an optimum setting; the maximum class size of any of our programs is 16 students (the minimum adult to child ratio is 1 to 8). All of our staff meet licensing requirements set by the Colorado Department of Human Services and the Colorado Department of Education. All staff participate in continuing education on a monthly basis and are involved in professional development provided by Pueblo School District 60 throughout the school year.

    Schooling is an essential part of life. Positive learning experiences at an early age will help give your child the knowledge, skills and confidence to become a responsible citizen and enthusiastic lifelong learner. You will be delighted by the amount of growth and understanding that takes place during your child’s preschool years. An important first step in this exciting journey is enrollment in a quality early childhood program. Pueblo School District 60 has just this kind of early education program.