Preschool caring


    District 60 Pre-K student

    Pueblo School District 60's Preschool Program is designed to build upon your child's early experiences and to provide a smooth transition from home to school. As the primary parent or caregiver, you are the key influence in your child's life. Preschool marks an important milestone in your child's first formal school experience. We invite you to partner with us as we work together to support your child during this important learning and growing stage of development. Our excellent and caring teachers look forward to working with you in providing your child with a quality education, effective social skills, and a lifelong love of learning.

    A goal of our preschool teachers is to nurture the inquisitive and joyful spirit in children as they discover the world around them. Your child will engage a variety of diverse educational experiences that will be both challenging and supportive. Your child will be guided by teachers who will provide meaningful, relevant, and developmentally appropriate experiences that are designed to extend your child's knowledge and skills, and expand your child's horizons beyond home.

    Each child enrolled in our program is valued as an individual and is respected as a unique person with a distinct pattern and timing of growth and development. Research shows that the environment in which a child learns is critical to their success and confidence. Pueblo School District 60's preschool classrooms structure the learning environment to reflect a "learn by doing" approach that is success oriented for the child, and provides opportunities to learn through active experimentation and exploration. Learning activities are age appropriate and responsive to the cultural and linguistic diversity of every child.

    District 60 preschool teachers know that families and communities are of critical importance in the early learning and development of every child. As a result, parent involvement is encouraged and highly valued. Working in partnership, together we can shape the context in which a child grows, and frame a child's most important early experiences and encounters with their environment. Thank you for sharing this commitment with the preschool staff of D60.