Interscholastic Activity

  • New Requirements for Volunteer/Interscholastic hours:
    A minimum of 5 clock hours of community service involvement is required per school year, in grades 9 through 12 or each year a student is enrolled in Pueblo School District 60. All activities must occur outside of the student's school day.

    Please turn in forms to the Activity Office by May 1, in order to ensure you have received your credit for that year.


    • Rake leaves for Senior Citizens and the disabled
    • Paint homes
    • Clean up the Nature Center
    • Assemble food baskets
    • Assist with the summer reading program at the library
    • Help with YMCA Halloween at the mall
    • Referee basketball tournament for elementary kids
    • Help with elementary school carnivals
    • Helped MADD with registrations
    • Work at the Wild West Festival
    • Build sets for Drama productions
    • Worked the 'Cowboys kickin' Cancer" Activity
    • Walk in the "Relay for Life"
    • Aid Cub Scouts at their summer day camp
    • Coach elementary or middle school summer teams
    • Read to elementary school students


    ………and much more!

  • Students can download the form or pick up the form in the Activity Office. 

    Students should turn in their completed and signed forms by May 1st every year, to the Activity Office, in order to receive the credit for that year.

    Students may use volunteer hours they completed during the summer months (June-July-August) Those hours will be applied towards the upcoming school year.

    Volunteer hours must be earned outside of the student's regular school hours and may include athletic participation, clubs, or community service hours.

    Relatives of students may not sign the volunteer form as proof that they have completed their hours.

    Students may not use hours that are also being used in conjunction with academic, classroom, or PE credit.

    Students may not use hours that they are being paid for, as community service credit.