• Pueblo District 60 Innovation Zone Plan 2023-2026

    Executive Summary 

    Innovation is defined as either the creation of a new practice, or the betterment of an existing practice, with the goal of producing a better outcome. With this in mind, the Pueblo District 60 Innovation Zone is driven by a fundamental belief in our students’ ability to succeed and our schools’ capacity to support and develop future leaders. Our collective practices must be responsive to both the current and future needs of our students and serve to prepare them for careers and opportunities that may not yet exist. This requires that our schools help students to become innovative problem solvers, skilled collaborators, and flexible learners, capable of adapting to an ever changing world. 

    We are proud to work together as an Innovation Zone in order to maximize the resources, advancements, and opportunities in Pueblo District 60. Through the innovation zone, our schools have been transformed, and we remain committed to ensuring that students have opportunities that are applied, learner driven, competency based, technology enabled, and individualized, all while remaining cost effective. 

    As an Innovation Zone, we recognize an effective learning environment goes beyond traditional school settings and practices. This requires a variety of approaches including further personalizationalization of learning, increased collaboration with peers around content, project based learning opportunities that are connected to student experience and community, and technology that enhances the learning experience. Our leaders, teachers, and school community are steadfastly committed to a growth mindset, continuous improvement, and the implementation of effective instructional strategies that are grounded in the best practices available in education. 


    To create a culture of learning that develops each student into an extraordinary citizen in their local community and beyond. 


    As an Innovation Zone, we will create learning experiences that address all aspects of student development including their academic, social, and emotional learning. In this environment, students will be empowered to embrace a growth mindset, to take ownership of their learning and to lead a life of purpose and impact. 


    Core Values 

    Our Innovation Zone is built on a set of core values that form the foundation of our work and guide us in our collaborative decision-making process. While programmatic elements and approaches may vary from school to school, these beliefs serve as our guiding principles and remain consistent across all schools. Innovation Zone core values are also strongly reflected in the core values of our school district. 

    Innovation Zone Core Values 

    District 60 Core Values

    ● We are preparing the future leaders and problem solvers who will 

    transform the city of Pueblo, our 

    nation, and the world. 

    ● In order for students to achieve at the highest levels, the growth 

    mindset must be internalized by 

    every member of our zone 

    community including our faculty, 

    administration, and extended 

    community members. 

    ● We will drive positive change in our schools and community through 

    data-driven decision making at 

    every level. 

    ● A positive relationship is often the lever that determines a child’s 

    trajectory, which is why every adult in our zone community treats all 

    students with dignity and seeks 

    every opportunity to build and 

    sustain positive relationships. 

    ● Authentic learning is essential for long-term educational success. 

    Our zone community is committed to project based, student-centered, collaborative, and relevant learning that gives students opportunities to

    do, touch, investigate, and 


    ● Our zone will achieve goals for academic achievement by 

    cultivating a collaborative culture 

    that supports excellence in 

    teaching and learning.

    ● The success of every student is our most important commitment. 

    ● Collaboration and engagement with our community, parents, staff and students are essential to our success. 

    ● We must act with integrity, 

    celebrate diversity, and promote 


    ● Each individual must be treated with dignity and respect. 

    ● The social and emotional 

    well-being of our students is as 

    important as their academic 


    ● It is our responsibility to provide a safe, positive, and supportive 

    environment for our students and staff. 

    ● Our community heritage, 

    traditions, and history should 

    inform our response to future 

    student and district needs.