• We are excited to share that Irving is one of the seven schools selected to participate in an innovation zone for our district.  

    Innovation schools are unique because they are allowed to implement unique and innovative strategies that best meet the needs of their students. 

    Innovation Zone schools were made possible in the State of Colorado through the INNOVATION ZONE ACT OF 2008, which paved the way for school districts to implement innovative ideas and practices at qualified schools.

    As a collective Innovation Zone, District 60 is driven by a fundamental belief in our students’ ability to succeed and our schools’ capacity to support and develop future leaders, responsive to the future needs of our students and prepare them for careers and opportunities that may not yet exist. This requires that our schools help students to become innovative problem solvers, and help them to develop as flexible and adaptable learners.

    PERSONALIZED, 21st CENTURY LEARNING- Students come to school with a wide range of knowledge and skills, even when they’re in the same classroom.  By adopting a blended learning model, schools within the zone will utilize technology and online learning to customize learning for students during their day.  Blended learning doesn’t replace the teacher, but rather allows them to use technology to meet the specific needs of each of their students.  Students that are behind will benefit by being able to catch up more quickly, and students who are ahead won’t be slowed down! As a result, learning becomes more meaningful and more relevant for students. You can find out more about blended learning here.

    HELP STUDENTS TO DREAM- We want our students to discover more about their community and more about their world! The creation of an Extended Learning Opportunities Program will allow them to learn a new skill, pursue a passion, and connect with the community through unique and exciting programs.  Extended Learning Opportunities will be offered, and we’ll be working with the community to find people willing to share their interests.