Career and Technical Education

  • Science students from East High School


    Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare students for more than a good-paying job. It is the beginning of a career path.

    Today's workers are lifelong learners, and the reality is that "cutting-edge skills" aren't cutting edge for long. Today's workers need access to formal and informal training opportunities to remain competitive. CTE programs are the solution for securing this training.

    To learn more about CTE offerings at your school and in District 60 as a whole, contact your school counseling office, consult your school's course description guides, or check out answers to frequently asked questions below. 

Frequently Asked Questions about CTE

  • How much do CTE programs cost?

  • What are some examples of technical skills taught in CTE programs?

  • How is a CTE class different from traditional classes?

  • Should CTE start in high school? Or is it better to wait until after graduation?

  • Is CTE an option for college-bound students?