First Grade School Supplies

  • Each teacher may ask for a few optional additional items at the beginning of the year.

    • 1 1 inch 3 ring binder (for leadership notebook)
    • 1 package 5 tab dividers (for leadership notebook)
    • 1 Set of Wired Headphones (no earbuds) these are necessary for computer use
    • 1 Supply box (no larger than 8 x 10)
    • 1 Box of crayons (regular size not fat crayons)
    • 1 Box of Broad of markers (no skinny markers they do not last and are hard for the students to use)
    • 1 Pair of scissors for kids (pointed tip)
    • 1 Backpack
    • 1 Tissue Box
    • 12 Pack of Pencils
    • Box of Gallon Size Bags (Last Name (A-M)
    • Box of Quart Size Bags (Last Name N-R)
    • Box of Sandwich Bags (Last Name S-Z)

    Please do not send gadgets, pens, lead pencils, etc! These items tend to cause

    distractions in the classroom and are not needed for learning!


    NO pencil sharpeners (we have electric sharpeners in the classroom)

    NO mechanical pencils (the children have a difficult time using them and waste a ton of time with breaking lead.)

    **Please put your child’s name on everything you can!

Last Modified on May 24, 2023