Third Grade School Supplies

  • Dear Parents, 

    Your child will be in our third-grade classrooms next year.  We have decided that this year in order to save you some time and money to ask for a supply fee rather than school supplies to be brought from home.  We are asking each student to bring $20.00 to cover the cost of notebooks/lined paper, crayons/color pencils/markers, scissors, glue, dry erase markers erasers, binders, folders, and other miscellaneous items that are used within our class throughout the year.

    We would still like you to send your child to school with the following items as they are personal. 

    • Backpack (can be reused from last year)
    • Earbuds or small headphones (can be reused from last year)
    • Pencils and small sharpener
    • Boys-Please bring a container of disinfecting wipes
    • Girls-Please bring kleenex
    • Optional: computer mouse for Chromebook (not wireless) 

    If you would like to donate some optional items, we can always use:

    • 1 ream of white copy paper 
    • Ziploc bags - gallon, quart-size, or sandwich size


    (Please note: These items may be donated any time throughout the school year.)