D60 Innovation Zone

  • Students at Franklin School of Innovation

    Mission and Vision

    The D60 Innovation Zone Vision was established to create a culture of learning that develops all students into tomorrow’s extraordinary citizens. In order to achieve this vision, the D60 Innovation Zone's mission is to engage students in authentic learning that empowers them to reach their highest potential in a changing global community. 

    D60 Innovation Zone Logo Innovation schools are unique because they are allowed to implement unique and innovative strategies that best meet the needs of their students. 

    Innovation Zone schools were made possible in the State of Colorado through the INNOVATION ZONE ACT OF 2008, which paved the way for school districts to implement innovative ideas and practices at qualified schools.

    As a collective Innovation Zone, District 60 is driven by a fundamental belief in our students’ ability to succeed and our schools’ capacity to support and develop future leaders, be responsive to the future needs of our students and prepare them for careers and opportunities that may not yet exist. This requires that our schools help students to become innovative problem solvers, and help them to develop as flexible and adaptable learners.