Colorado Teacher Award Nominations

  • Colorado Teacher Awards logo Staff, parent organizations, and community members are encouraged to nominate teachers for this prestigious award.

    Nominations for a 2024 award are open with the deadline of Thursday, March 21, 2024.


    Nomination Form

    The nomination form is available HERE.


    • A teacher must have taught in the school system for at least five years and currently be teaching.
    • Previous winners are not eligible for nomination.
    • At least two people must nominate a teacher.


    1. Read the entire nomination form before you begin to answer so you may organize your responses and avoid duplication of information.
    2. The nomination form must be signed by at least two interested citizens (parents, former students, fellow teachers, or other school personnel) and the school principal.
    3. Up to three supplementary endorsements may be submitted with this nomination form in the form of letters and testimonial statements, not to exceed 200 words. (No more than three supplementary endorsements will be submitted to the review committee for each nominee.)
    4. Objectivity, factual data, and specific examples are most important.
    5. Obtain a complete resume from the teacher being nominated (degrees, honors, professional activities, organizations, etc.) to submit this nomination form.

    Judges will make their selections based on your replies, those of other nominators, and any supplementary information submitted.

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