Public School Funding FAQs

  • How are public schools funded in Colorado?

  • Are there other ways school districts can raise revenues?

  • What is the State Education Fund?

  • Which is more important — supporting my local mill election or working on the state funding issue?

  • Does Colorado fund any of the cost of kindergarten?

Colorado’s per pupil spending continues to fall further from the U.S. Average

  • graph showing decrease in per pupil spending from 1993-2017, compared to the U.S. average

    (recent U.S. Census audited data)

    In FY 2016-17, Colorado was more than $2,300 below the U.S. Average. The state now ranks 40th, down from 39th last year, in per pupil spending. This chart and a link to the US Census Bureau’s most recent report on school spending are available on the Colorado School Finance Project website