Teacher Substitutes

  • DID YOU KNOW?... statistics indicate that one full year of instruction in every student's kindergarten through twelfth-grade education will be provided by a guest (substitute) teacher.

    Substitute teachers play a critical role in maintaining the continuity of instruction for students, and D60 is always looking for qualified and interested candidates.

    Please click here to obtain the steps required to get a substitute license through CDE. 

    Pueblo School District 60 is always looking for more certified teacher subs. To apply with D60 you must have a substitute license or current teaching license. Once one of those is in place applicants may apply with D60 online.

    Applications must include:

    • Transcripts confirming BA/BS degree or better, or a letter of acceptance into an education program at an accredited college or university;
    • D60 will also consider applicants who possess a high school diploma and are at least 21 years old. Applicants will not be required to possess a BA/BS degree or to be enrolled in an education program at an accredited institution.
    • Three (3) references including phone number and email address;
    • Current Colorado Teaching License or 1, 3, or 5-year Substitute Authorization, if applicable.


    Once your application has been evaluated and approved, an appointment will be scheduled to complete the necessary paperwork in the Human Resources Office. At that time you will receive information regarding our automated substitute calling system.


    Below are a few tips to help you be successful at Substitute Teaching:

    • Arrive on time
    • Check-in with the office when you arrive
    • Be sure to have your "Job Number"
    • It is SO important that you follow the lesson plans that have been left by the teacher
    • Be polite, helpful, and courteous to students and staff
    • Manage classroom behavior
    • Keep students busy and involved
    • Greet students at the door when they arrive
    • Move around the room and maintain a watchful eye on students at all times. You cannot be successful sitting behind the teacher's desk.
    • Monitor students in the hall as they come and go from class
    • Be Confident!
    • Dress Professionally
    • Do NOT use your cell phone during class time!
    • Have a positive attitude
    • Leave a note for the teacher.  Include what you enjoyed and the positive things that took place
    • Check out with the office secretary/administrator before leaving
    • Maintain confidentiality with student information
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Substitute Teacher Resources

  • Frontline Absence Management Login (or call 1 800-942-3767)
  • Frontline Absence Management Basic Training Video
  • Building Location Map
  • D60 Substitute Handbook
  • STEDI Substitute Resources
  • Substitute Emergency Resources