Educational Support Personnel Evaluation

  • Performance evaluations are one of the most important communication tools an organization can use.  It is a time to provide feedback, recognize quality performance, and set expectations for the future.

    Performance Evaluations can be a scary concept, but the truth is they are a tool to help us be so much more.  Evaluations are comprised of multiple formal steps. Administrators should meet with their employees at the beginning of each year. This meeting is to lay out goals and expectations moving forward.  It's a chance to discuss known weaknesses and develop a plan to overcome those weaknesses. 

    Sometime in the middle of the school year, is a formal review.  In reality we hope there is active and constant communication between employees and their supervisors, but it is important that we check in and review how goals are progressing and the needs of the year may have changed. 

    At the end of the year we learn the results.  We may hear praise, we may get some constructive criticism or feedback. The reality is that we should learn something about ourselves and our administrator in the process. 

    Pre-Season Head Coach

    Post-Season Head Coach

    Pre-Season Assistant Coach

    Post-Season Assistant Coach