Frequently Asked Questions

  • I heard about tuition reimbursement. How does that work?

    Reimbursement to teachers is available for tuition for college courses, registration fees for seminars and workshops, and course fees for in-service programs. Teachers may receive up to $300/year and request forms can be found in the Human Resources Office. For classes completed before September 1 of each year, requests must be submitted to the office of Human Resources by October 15.  For classes or courses completed between September 1 and February 15, requests must be submitted by April 15. Proof of completion (transcript) and payment (receipt) must also be included


    I have been a teacher for13 years but I only got placed on step 6 when I started. Why is that?

    Our current negotiated agreement with PEA allows for only 5 years of experience credit for teachers transferring into our District.  The contract also allows a new teacher to petition the Superintendent for more years of credit.  These petitions are looked at on a case-by-case basis.  Teachers can only petition for additional years in the first year of employment with the District. Call Sara Breckenridge at 719-549-7138 or Catherine Pino at 719-549-7129 for more information.