Pueblo School District 60 Hiring Process

  • Teacher working with students at Bessemer Academy

    • After applying, the Office of Human Resources completes initial screening of applicants based on required qualifications.  A school site administrator or a Human Resources staff member will contact you directly if you are selected for an interview.
    • Please keep in mind that most school sites receive a large number of applications and that incomplete applications or applications without the required attachments will not be processed.
    • After the interview process, principals or hiring managers will check candidate references and then recommend their chosen candidate to Human Resources for hire.
    • After receiving the recommendation from the principal or hiring manager, Human Resources will call and make a tentative offer of the position to the candidate pending a successful background check, completing any required testing, and the approval of the Board of Education.  If the candidate accepts, the other interviewed candidates will be notified by the principal or hiring manager that they did not receive the position.
    • All other candidates who were not interviewed will be notified by email that they were not selected for the position.
    • Once you have accepted the position, you will be contacted by Human Resources to complete a fingerprint-based background check and, if applicable, a lift test.
    • After the results of both tests are approved, you will again be contacted to complete a hiring packet and our onboarding process.  You will be given an identification badge, training on our time keeping system (if applicable), and a start date.
    • Please remember that although a candidate may begin working, their employment is not finalized until approved by the Board of Education in a regular Board meeting.
    • Candidates or employees who have questions about the ADA process, or who need to request a reasonable accommodation to perform the essential duties of their job should contact Cameron Whiting, ADA Compliance Officer, cameron.whiting@pueblod60.org, (719) 549-7100.

    If you are interested in learning more, please see our current openings to discover opportunities to make a difference in children's lives.