Title III: Supplemental Supports for English Learners

  • Title III is a supplemental grant under the ESEA that is designed to improve and enhance the education of English learners (ELs) in becoming proficient in English, as well as meeting the Colorado Academic Content standards. The Title III Immigrant Set-Aside grant resides within this program and provides opportunities for Districts to enhance the instructional opportunities for immigrant students and their families. 


    Activities that are supported with Title III funds include 

    • Increasing the English language proficiency of ELs by providing effective language instructional education programs (LIEPs)/ELD programs that have successfully demonstrated increasing English language proficiency and academic achievement. 
    • Providing effective professional development to classroom teachers, principals and other school leaders, administrators, and other school or community-based organizational personnel that relates directly to the instruction of ELs that support their linguistic, academic, and social- emotional challenges and opportunities of ELs. 
    • Providing and implementing other effective activities and strategies that enhance or supplement LIEPS/ELD programs for ELs. These activities and strategies must include parent, family, and community engagement activities, but may also include strategies that coordinate and align related programs. 


    Staff supporting English Language Learners 

    Lisa Casarez 
    Culturally Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) TOSA 

    Link to Colorado Department of Education for more information