Report an instance of bullying

  • Suspected bullying should always be taken seriously. Students who are being bullied are put in a scary situation, and some may think that reporting a bully will make the situation worse.

    Thanks to the Bully Prevention program employed in Pueblo School District 60 and school districts across Colorado and the nation, instances of bullying often get resolved in a safe, confidential way that protects and enriches all parties involved.

    Yes, it might be scary to report bullying. It might feel like you or your child has no hope of correcting the situation. But give the bully prevention-intervention approach a chance!

    To report an instance of bullying, follow these steps:

  • Ask yourself: Is it bullying?

  • Discuss solutions with your child

  • What if my child is the target of cyberbullying?

  • Tell a counselor

  • Meet with a No Bully "implementation coach"

  • Create a 'solution team' and 'panel of peers'

  • More questions?