District 60 RTI Coordinators

  • Every District 60 school supports the Response to Intervention (RTI) process through a school-based RTI Coordinator. 

    The school RTI Coordinator’s role is to support and facilitate the RTI process at their individual school.  RTI Coordinators connect with parents and guardians to ensure they are essential members of their student’s RTI team.  RTI Coordinators schedule RTI meetings, document all steps within the RTI process, including data, pertinent notes and updates, and progress monitoring in a student RTI plan.  They also communicate with parents, students, and teachers on student progress toward identified goals. RTI Coordinators work collaboratively with teachers, school counselors, administrators, and other school support staff to develop interventions that best support your student.

    For more information on the RTI process at your student’s school, please contact your school’s RTI Coordinator.  You may also contact the district RTI Specialist at 719-423-3038.