School-based wellness centers

  • Patient and physician at Central High School wellness center The Pueblo Community Health Center is responsible for School-Based Wellness Centers at Centennial High School, East High School, Central High School, and Chávez Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy High School.

    School-Based Wellness Centers provide comprehensive primary and behavioral health care comparable to services received at a family practice physician's office, behavioral health counseling office or clinic. PCHC's health care services and Health Solutions’ behavioral health services will be provided according to standards of care accepted by the medical community to assure the highest quality of care.

    PLEASE NOTE: Wellness Centers are open DURING REGULAR SCHOOL YEAR ONLY. All Wellness Centers will be closed for a one-hour daily for lunch. 


    Hours & Contact

    Each School-Based Wellness Center are open DURING REGULAR SCHOOL YEAR ONLY and roughly alongside the school’s operating hours. All Wellness Centers will also be closed for a one-hour daily lunch for staff. 

    For specific details or hours of each location, visit the Pueblo Community Health Center website or email