Media Center

  • The Belmont Media Center is open when the "green light" at Rattler Junction is on. This signals to the students that they may check out books at that time. Students are allowed to check books out for a period of one week. If a student needs to keep the book longer they need to bring the book in and renew it. Belmont does not charge fines for late books, however, if books are not returned in a timely manner a charge will be assessed. Students are not allowed to check out books if they have a fine. Reference materials (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas') may be checked out overnight only.

  • Internet use is available

    Internet use is available for our students to use. In order for a student to access the internet, a signed permission form must be on file in the school office. Pueblo City Schools and Belmont School work to provide your child with the best protection possible when using the internet. If you have any questions, please contact the front office or contact your child's teacher.