Principal’s Message

  • Leadership Day-Students

    Welcome to Sunset Park!

    At Sunset Park, we are committed to a uniquely different approach to education. Leader in Me is a comprehensive whole-school approach that is about empowering your child to reach their full potential and find their voice. Our staff have made five core commitments, which we call our Core Paradigms. These paradigms reflect the beliefs and views of all students:

    - All students are leaders.
    - All students have genius.
    - Education is about empowering a child to lead their learning.
    - Education is about the whole child.

    These beliefs extend not only to your child but to ourselves and, most importantly, to you.

    As your child's first and most essential teacher, we honor your greatness, traditions, values, and vision for your child. At Sunset Park, it is crucial that you understand the commitment you make as a family when you join our community.

    By attending our school, you are saying yes to:
    - Engaging in your child’s education, both academically and socially/emotionally.
    - Allowing our gifted staff to discover the worth and potential in your child and your family.
    - Ensuring a bright and successful educational path for your child and your family.

    Sunset Park is proud to be one of less than 500 Lighthouse Schools worldwide, a distinction among thousands of Leader in Me schools. Leader in Me is not just a program; it is our operating system. It guides our decisions, relationships, growth, learning, and community support. Based on the 7 Habits created by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, these principles provide us with the tools to achieve our vision for the community.

    Results Matter

    We are accountable for delivering results to our community, the state, and the nation. Leader in Me is a certified tool, backed by evidence, showing significant cultural, social, and academic improvements when implemented correctly. Our staff have dedicated countless hours to this work, with the goal of elevating your child’s experience. This dedication is evident throughout our school—in the care taken for your child, the language we use, and the environment we cultivate.

    Our Mission and Vision

    Our mission and vision, centered around the core paradigms of **Learn, Love & Lead**, were collaboratively created by staff, students, and parents. They guide all our school decisions. A foundational piece of our school is you. We invite you to explore, learn, and grow with us. You deserve the best for yourself and your child.

    We offer customized 7 Habits training for you and your family, along with resources, family nights, and advocacy groups, all aimed at partnering with you, our most critical asset. Join us in choosing a different path. Join us in the transformative journey happening within our school walls.

    Thank you for choosing Sunset Park Elementary, Pueblo’s first and only Lighthouse School.

    Mrs. Amber Hertneky