Bully Prevention and Intervention

  • Students should never feel unsafe at school, and in Pueblo School District 60 schools, the “Bully Prevention System”, alongside the District’s Bully Prevention Policy has helped create peace in its schools while engaging families and the community in bullying prevention. 

    The approaches District 60 has taken to reduce bullying have been recognized across the State of Colorado and throughout the world, as Roncalli STEM Academy's bully-prevention program was featured on France-TV, France's national news station. District 60 has also been featured as the top test case for success using the “Bully Prevention System.”


    About the Bully Prevention System

    Bullying and harassment stand in the way of our social vision. Therefore, District 60 has adopted the Bully Prevention System for preventing and responding to harassment and bullying on District 60 property, in District 60 vehicles, at school-sanctioned activities and events, or through social media. This school-wide system applies to all students, teachers, staff, specialists, and anyone who works in schools, whether employed by the school or district, working as a contractor, or volunteering under Colorado’s Board of Education anti-bully policy.

    Our schools take a problem-solving approach to bullying.  Schools have staff members trained as Bully Prevention Coaches who will meet with students who are the target of bullying and help end bullying situations. 


    What is bullying?

    Bullying occurs when a student, or group of students, repeatedly tries to hurt, humiliate, or get power over another student in any of the following ways.

    Types of bullying include physical (using force), verbal (words, images and gestures), relational (isolation, manipulation, and rumors), cyberbullying, and more. 

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